Frontier Airlines announced Tuesday morning that four new low-cost destinations are being added from the Colorado Springs Airport. Frontier will now fly directly from the Springs to Minneapolis, San Antonio, San Jose, Calif. and Seattle.

Those will be “seasonal” flights, beginning in April 2018 and continuing through “late fall” of 2018, said Rick Zeni, chief information officer for Frontier Airlines.

“What’s important with these four markets is that they’re on the top 20 list of unserved destinations,” said Adam Mayberry, marketing and communications manager for the Colorado Springs Airport. “Based on our air service studies, there is a clear demand to serve these four markets.”

Frontier now offers low fares to 16 destinations from the Springs airport.

“We’ve been adding service to Colorado Springs for the last year and we’ve been very pleased with the public response to our low fares,” Zeni said. “We had the opportunity to add these four destinations and we think they’ll do quite well. Colorado Springs and the southern Colorado community have responded well to the low fares Frontier has brought to the market.”

Frontier added seasonal flights during the summer of 2017 to San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington, D.C.

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“When we add service, we look for those flights to be profitable,” Zeni said. “Fortunately, the Colorado Springs service has done so well, we’re looking at adding destinations, not taking them away.

“The new flights further support our mission to deliver low fares to southern Colorado and we look forward to delivering our Low Fares Done Right product to more customers.”

It was announced last week that Seattle-based Alaska Airlines will end its direct flights between the Springs and Seattle on Nov. 4, due to a pilot shortage.

Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers was pleased to be a part of Frontier’s announcement at the airport.

“The momentum at the Colorado Springs Airport continues,” Suthers said in a news release. “We are exceptionally pleased with today’s news by Frontier Airlines and appreciate their continued partnership and investment in our community. Expanding our route map in all directions further strengthens direct air access opportunities for business and leisure travelers, and bodes well for our future in air service.”

Mayberry said the new destinations are a good reach for the market.

“It provides a real positive opportunity for the airport and community to enter these markets,” he said. “Once we can penetrate the market via air service, it provides the opportunity to gauge that market and allow for possible expansion should demand prove it’s a market that can grow.

“We appreciate Frontier partnering with the city and the airport to provide more quality air service to the region.”


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