braxMore jobs will come to Colorado Springs because of an acquisition announced Wednesday by Braxton Science & Technology Group, LLC.The Colorado Springs-based company has acquired Ingenicomm, LLC, a Chantilly, Va.-based provider of ground system electronics and engineering services to the global satellite and spaceflight markets. This acquisition is BSTG’s fifth in the past five years.

“Braxton personnel is increasing from about 170 to 210 now,” said BSTG President and Chief Operating Office Ken O’Neil. “We’ll centralize accounting, legal and other administrative functions into Colorado Springs. So what will that do for our area? It’ll bring a few jobs here.”

Could it lead to even more growth for Braxton Science & Technology Group?

“That’s the hope,” O’Neil said.

“Some will say it’s a pretty good acquisition,” he said. “Lockheed [Martin] will say, ‘Who cares?’ Different people will have mixed opinions. I think it’s definitely a great horizontal move. It gives us a broader product offering for Braxton and for Ingenicomm.”

Braxton Science & Technology Group combines companies with expertise and products for command and control, satellite ground systems, software development, systems engineering, cross-domain data dissemination, information assurance, cybersecurity, and business intelligence.

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“Ingenicomm’s products have an unmatched operational pedigree with many of the most prominent space missions of the past three decades,” O’Neil said in a press release, “including the International Space Station, the Hubble Space Telescope, New Horizons and a plethora of others. By integrating Ingenicomm’s unique technologies with the industry-leading solutions offered by the BSTG family of companies, we will cement our position as a global leader in the ground system and mission operations sector.”

Following the acquisition, Ingenicomm will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of BSTG. The joint BSTG and Ingenicomm product portfolio will address the full range of ground system and mission operation needs, from front-end processors to command and control and mission management, offering customers an integrated turn-key solution for every mission profile.

“BSTG and Ingenicomm’s complementary market footprints make this acquisition uniquely advantageous,” said Ingenicomm President Amit Puri in the release. “Ingenicomm is a leader in the civil space and intelligence markets, while BSTG is a leader in the defense market. By leveraging each company’s respective strengths, we can offer superior solutions across the entire global aerospace market.”

Ingenicomm was represented by Holland & Knight LLP and the transaction was facilitated by Bluestone Capital Partners. BSTG was represented Sparks Wilson P.C. and the transaction was facilitated by The O’Neil Group Company. The transaction was financed by a partnership between Vectra Bank and First Western Trust.

Ingenicomm is an award-winning provider of engineering services and ground system electronics to aerospace programs across the civil, commercial, defense, and intelligence sectors, supporting virtually every major space agency in the United States and around the globe.

Editor’s note: Read more about the Colorado Springs aerospace sector in the Sept. 1 edition of the Business Journal.