Mountain States Employers Council, the regional employment law advocate, resource and training entity, announced  it will be rebranding and changing its name to ‘Employers Council’ effective immediately.

“What makes this a positive move for us is the recognition to our members that we continue to expand our ability to service their needs outside of the states where we have offices,”said Mike Severns, president and chief executive officer of the Employers Council.

Many members within the main areas of operation for the Employers Council — Colorado, Utah and Arizona — have sales fronts or warehouses in varying locations throughout the country. They may request guidance on employment law in other states. That need expanded the Employers Council’s geographic reach and was part of the reason for the rebrand.

“About 5 percent of our members are outside of those three states, but in terms of the work we do outside the three states — it’s much more than 5 percent,” Severns said.

The rebranding has been in the works for about two years and initial conversations began after a merger with the Utah Employers Council.

According to Severns, the rebranding gained “serious momentum” within the last year.

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“The name Mountain States Employers Council worked well in Colorado and Utah, but it was not the best name for representing Arizona,” Severns said. “As we look for future possible expansion into other states, we decided the name Mountain States Employers Council wasn’t well suited for that.”

As of now, the Employers Council does not have plans to open offices in more states, but will continue to focus on assisting members and gaining more memberships, Severns said.

“We do not have any specific expansion plans into other states at this point, but we are always looking for those opportunities if they come and if they make sense,” he said.

The rebranding does not only come with a new name and logo, but also a newly launched and revamped website,, which will “provide more external visibility for potential members and enhanced resources for existing members,” according to a news release issued by the council.

Members, according to Severns, will not see a change in any services.

“One of the things we have been stressing with members is we are changing our name, but we are still the same organization and will continue to provide same high-quality services they have come to know and rely upon,” he said.

This will be the second name change in the firm’s 78-year history. The previous name change and rebranding took place in 1945 for the same reason: geographic growth and expansion.

The Employers Council was originally founded in 1939 with 100 member companies. The Denver-headquartered company was created by business leaders during the Great Depression “to address the challenges placed upon employers by the first national employment laws enacted,” according to the news release.

It has since grown to serve more than 4,500 employers in 75 industries and offers aid in employment law, human resources management, performance improvement, training and worker assessments, to name a few. The employment firm represents about 2 million employees.