Patients of Colorado Springs Health Partners might have noticed new signs going up this week and will soon see different logos on lab-coats and printed on letterheads as the long-establsihed local medical group officially rebrands under the name DaVita Medical Group — a change that had been planned for a while.

“We found a time we thought strategically made the most sense and we have been doing a lot of rebrands,” according to David Tauchen, director of external communication for the group. “There have been three this year in our other markets: Florida, New Mexico and Colorado. We are rebranding all of our medical groups across seven markets. Bringing all groups under one name is part of our vision to be the leading independent medical group in the United States.”

The group had been under the name Colorado Springs Health Partners since 1995 and, in 2015, it was purchased by DaVita Medical Group. However, the group waited to change the name for strategic reasons.

Nationwide, DaVita Medical Group has about 250 locations and, as an independent medical group, Tauchen said DaVita is not connected to any insurance plan or hospital system. This allows doctors more freedom to provide clinical care as they see best.

Multiple marketing and outreach efforts are underway to inform patients about the rebranding.

“Nothing changes other than the name on the door. The only change patients will see is that logo. Essentially it’s the same medical group,” Tauchen said. “We’ve been communicating to patients about this change. Our websites have been updated and we are doing our best to spread awareness about the new name and make sure patients continue to trust and count on the same great care they’ve enjoyed from CSHP for so many years.”

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The same insurance plans will continue to be accepted and DaVita will maintain the same providers and overall services.

Tauchen said, with rebranding efforts in Colorado Springs and in other markets, DaVita Medical Group expects to see additional patients, business growth and expansion moving forward.

“We are building, as I mentioned, the leading independent medical group and we expect growth to come with that,” he said.

In addition to Colorado Springs, DaVita Medical Group also serves Albuquerque, N.M., Los Angeles and Orange County, Calif., Everett, Wash., Las Vegas, Nev., as well as Tampa, Orlando and South Florida.