The plan is to purchase the neighboring Martin Marietta Materials 28-acre asphalt batch plant.

Penrose-St. Francis Health Services announced today the finalization of the purchase of the Martin Marietta Materials Inc. asphalt plant, adjacent to the property northeast of Centennial Boulevard and Fillmore Street, where a $550 million medical campus is projected for construction.

“Our intent is to design and build a campus that the community will be proud of, and operate in harmony with our surroundings by offering publicly accessible walking and bicycle paths,” said Penrose-St. Francis Health Services CEO Margaret Sabin. “The additional land will allow more space for a more gracious and ergonomic skyline, which we know is very important for residents of the area, and we are committed to being the best neighbors we can be.”

The purchase and incorporation of the 28.55-acre property means a total of about 80 acres is available for Penrose-St. Francis’ third hospital campus. Penrose-St. Francis would not disclose the purchase price of the property and the El Paso County Assessor had not yet updated the sale information on its website. The assessor did list the market value of the property at nearly $2.5 million. The property was purchased by Martin Marietta Materials Inc. in 2011 for $2.3 million, according to county assessor records.

“The added space allows architects more creative agency with the site design to explore various design options, while preserving natural amenities and being mindful of nearby residents’ concerns,” according to a Penrose-St. Francis news release. “The additional land will better accommodate nearby residents’ concerns, while offering flexibility in creating a new, 200,000-square-foot commercial zone, an open space and larger parking area.”

The Colorado Springs Planning Commission and city council approved the asphalt plant property acquisition and zoning requests, which will include improved drainage, landslide protections and stabilization of the property.

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Since the project’s inception, Penrose-St. Francis has collaborated with the Mesa Committee, which represents 19 Home Owner Associations in the area.

“Through valuable collaboration, Penrose-St. Francis and the Mesa Committee were able to revise the third hospital’s height to remain below 165 feet,” the release states.

The third medical campus is part of a Master Facilities Plan, according to the release.

The initiative began May 1 with the groundbreaking of St. Francis Medical Center’s $102 million expansion, slated for completion on the city’s Eastside, in 2019. The project will expand the hospital’s emergency department, add operating rooms and doubling the size of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Penrose Hospital’s downtown location will then be “reimagined as a legacy campus, with a focus on outpatient rehabilitation, oncology and radiology services, in addition to an urgent care facility,” according to the release.

“Penrose-St. Francis will continue working closely with the … Colorado Springs Planning Department, property owners and local neighbors as this project develops to do our due diligence in respecting the needs of the surrounding community and to create a world-class health care facility that will serve the Colorado Springs community for generations to come,” the release said.