Graym-SutzRarely does a day go by without hundreds of Pikes Peak region employees receiving emails from recruiters who are out of state or out of the country. One director of corporate communications received an offer from a California firm inviting her to apply for Colorado Springs receptionist jobs listed under “Director of First Impressions.” Humorous, perhaps, but this example shows how far off-target recruiters can be when they don’t live or work in the local market.

If you’re a human resources manager or small business owner looking to hire talented people, you run the risk of receiving mismatched placements by using out-of-market recruiters who haven’t met you and are not familiar with your company and hiring needs.

built-in market knowledge

Local recruiters understand the Southern Colorado market and business climate, and can speak intelligently to market needs. Through events, networking and doing their research, they know where people work and where they want to work. According to Yelp, six out of the top 10 employment agencies in Colorado Springs are local organizations.

There is no substitute for face-to-face interactions. Local recruiters are able to build a genuine rapport with people by meeting with them, building trust and continually growing their network based on homegrown relationships and referrals.

Earlier this week, one of our recruiters walked from our downtown office to an IT-support company down the street with a potential employee for his interview. She was able to chat with the hiring manager and hear live feedback, giving her more valuable information than an out-of-area recruiter would have been privy to. Because of her in-person interaction, she is able to provide a better service to the business owner and hiring manager.

Out-of-state recruiters often make a placement for your company and then virtually disappear, while local recruiters can continue to support you, their client, on a personal basis throughout the employment lifecycle.

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A good local recruiter can be a true partner and ally, and can help you manage your hiring needs to best position your company for success. Regular in-person meetings help a recruiter better understand a customer’s environment/culture, enabling them to provide you with stronger leads, and with employees who not only meet the technical requirements of an open position but also match your internal and corporate culture. If any issues arise during the hiring and employment cycle, local recruiters can immediately resolve them face-to-face. And when you’re ready to hire a recruiter, you can solicit references about the firm from people in the business community whom you already know and trust.

Local firms have a network of people whom they have already thoroughly vetted and know what positions they are open to taking, so you receive a better quality candidate, sooner rather than later.

Recruiters who have lived and worked in town have likely watched a candidate’s career evolve at different companies. With that kind of tenure, they know how people have performed in the past and who has been fired for lack of performance or unethical behavior, for example.  As a client, this type of insider information will greatly reduce your risk when hiring new employees.

Because of the relational nature of Colorado Springs, you’ll get to work with a recruiter who knows you. In this industry, recruiters don’t have the same anonymity as someone working in a big city. In our community, we work hard to preserve our reputation by bringing you candidates who have a solid background and reputation. The sense of community here dictates higher quality in our assessment and selection of candidates before we present them to you.

Invest locally

Finally, why not promote your own community and work with local businesses that support and give back to the local economy? Statistics have shown that regions thrive as they buy and invest locally, so help yourself, your business and your community — hire a local recruiter the next time you need to staff up.

Graym Sutz is branch director of Blackstone Staffing Services in downtown Colorado Springs and has 17 years of national IT technical recruiting, sales and management experience. Sutz has a bachelor of science in business and service management from UCCS.