0505---Cycology---Cameron-Moix1CCKesha Leets, owner of Cycology Studio (pictured, employee Kaylee Leets)

(117 E. Bijou St.)

“As a new downtown business owner and downtown resident, I am passionate about strengthening the local economy. For us, supporting neighboring small businesses and encouraging our patrons to support the same — whether it’s coffee from Story Coffee across the street, a gift at Lady Fingers next door or athletic wear at Title Nine around the corner — creates a stronger community. And at Cycology Studio, community is our top priority.”

0505---Beauty-Bar---Cameron-Moix5CCUyen Le, co-owner of Beauty Bar 

(5915 Dublin Blvd.)

“I started to see … potential here to grow with the city, and that’s why we opened a Beauty Bar downtown. Now, less than four years later, we’ve expanded to Powers [Boulevard] because it’s just growing so fast. We knew there was a need here because we listened to our clients. I feel like it is important to spend locally because that is what helps the city grow — that’s what helps our economy.”

N3TaphouseCCJohnny Nolan, owner of N3 Taphouse 

(817 W. Colorado Ave.)

“As a local business owner, I think I’m more apt to put money back into the community. … I think with the death of all the brick-and-mortar stores, it’s now even more important to spend money locally. And all these little stores need our support, because they’re up against the internet. I think that if you want really cool, quality stores and restaurants in town — not just chains — you really need to support local business. Fifteen years with Southside Johnny’s put me in a great position to be able to do Navajo Hogan and now this.”

_Salsa-Brava---Cameron-Moix1CCRandy Price, co-owner of Salsa Brava and Over Easy 

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(New location: 5925 Dublin Blvd.)

“I really think it’s a full-circle deal. We work with about 45 to 50 local Colorado suppliers, we try to have relationships with all of the vendors that we do business with, we employ locally, we work with local contractors for construction — because everything you do on the local level kind of stays in the community. … We love it here in the Colorado Springs community, and we’ve been blessed to call this our home. We started 16 years ago with the first Salsa Brava and employed 23 people, and now we’re up to around 550 employees in the company. That takes the support of the local community to keep our restaurants busy and to keep our employees busy and to continue to expand our brand in Colorado Springs.”