Blog: Five things you’ll miss if you don’t attend Captains of Industry


The Colorado Springs Business Journal’s mission is to the the premier resource of business news in southern Colorado. That means connecting people and providing opportunities for professionals to meet in all stages of their careers — entry level, mid-level and executives — to make sure new leaders are developed as the business community grows. When business thrives, everything else thrives as well — arts, culture, nonprofits, community. Business provides the building blocks for a community’s success at every level.

To meet that goal, the Business Journal has worked to bring nearly 40 industry leaders together in one place. They’ll spend the morning of Thursday, April 13 in one room, talking about what worked for them — and what didn’t. It’s a speed event, not merely networking. Everyone will get a chance to sit down with business leaders in information technology, cybersecurity, engineering, government contracting. They’ll meet Troy Stubbings from Kaiser Permanente, Tom Neppl from Springs Fabrication, Andy Oyler from Quantum Commercial Real Estate, Jan Erickson from Janska. They’ll have the chance to talk to someone from Bryan Construction, discuss life as an attorney with Pat Mika and learn about the ins and outs of accounting with Trinity Bradley-Anderson and Judy Kaltenbacher. (For a complete list of who’s attending, click here.)

Why do we think this is important? Business is about relationships and we believe our job — in part — is to help build those relationships.

And if you don’t attend Captains of Industry, here’s what you’ll miss:

  • The chance to be inspired. No matter where you are in your career, from the top echelons to your first job, we all have something we can learn from each other. Learn what motivates Mayor John Suthers and County Commissioner Longinos Gonzales. Find out why Jenny Schell chose graphic design as a job — and decided to start her own company.
  • The chance to build relationships. In a city the size of Colorado Springs, it helps to know people in high places. And the Springs is particularly fortunate, because those people want to give of their time and talents to help others succeed. That doesn’t happen everywhere — and if you miss this event, you’ll miss out on taking the first step to building relationships with people like Ed Rios of the National Cybersecurity Center or Erin Hannon of the Fine Arts Center.
  • Learning that LinkedIn isn’t enough. If you think you’re connecting with people through LinkedIn, and that’s all you need to do — you’re mistaken. Learning how executives act is a way to work into the job you want, not the job you have. Take the time Thursday morning to watch how Amy Sufak of RedEnergy and Ed Baron of Braxton Technologies act as leaders of their company — meet them and learn from them.
  • The opportunity to improve. People with experience in your field can tell you where you’re going wrong — and sometimes you are too close to the situation to see it. Come on Thursday and learn challenges Rodney Gullatte faced in starting his own firm or how Lisa Tessarowicz was challenged in expanding Epicentral Co-Working.
  • The chance to open doors. If you meet Andy Neinas of the Convention & Visitors Bureau, and he gives you names to call in the industry — it will open doors to tourism business you might be interested in. The same is the case for David Leinweber of Angler’s Covey or restaurateur Brother Luck.

Captains of Industry starts at 7:30 a.m. at The Mining Exchange — there will be food, coffee and conversation. Click here to sign up — you don’t want to miss the opportunity to learn from others, grow your career and increase your knowledge.