The Center for Nonprofit Excellence hosted the 2017 Nonprofit Day Conference March 17, at the The Antlers hotel in downtown Colorado Springs. On the day of the event, 530 attendees had registered for the conference, which offered 20 breakout sessions (and seven separate tracks) addressing everything from nonprofit leadership and volunteer engagement, to organizational collaboration and taxes.


“A couple of things we’ll be looking at are how will the talent and leadership needs be changing in the future, especially given the new social, political and environmental climates,” said CNE Executive Director Abby Laine Seinkiewicz. “Changing times often call for changes in the way we do business and how we look at our organizations.”


The annual event also hosted 22 vendors and featured a keynote speech from nonprofit expert and author Joan Garry, most well known for her book “Joan Garry’s Guide to Nonprofit Leadership: Because Nonprofits are Messy.”


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