By Ashleigh Hollowell

When Chuck Golinvaux purchased the Pueblo West powersports dealership HyMark Motorsports in 2013, five lenders turned him down, doubting he could increase revenue by even 15 percent in the first year. He arranged a deal with the previous owner, Jack Thompson, in order to purchase it despite the doubters, and within the first year alone increased revenue 100 percent.

Nearly four years later, HyMark Motorsports has grown from six to 14 employees and is projected to do $7.2 million in revenue in 2017, according to Golinvaux.

Construction on a $3 million building expansion will begin March 24 and will take six to eight months. As soon as construction is complete, Golinvaux will unveil his business’ new look, and a new name as well: Strictly Powersports.

The facility will expand the current 7,200 square feet to 33,000 square feet and grow from one motorcycle showroom to three. It will include multiple levels, an old-style gas station for character and high ceilings.

Golinvaux plans to have one showroom specifically for Indian Motorcycle, one for Polaris products and one for KTM, with a possible subsection for a used-product showroom — something he said is not typical for powersports dealers, but that he hopes will create a unique selling strategy for his business.

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“It’s a different selling model than in the typical multi-line powersports dealership. A lot of these dealers get Honda, Yamaha and Polaris, for example, and put them all together in the same space,” Golinvaux said.

“You have to segment your staff a little bit as opposed to letting everybody sell everything. My experience has been, over the years, that when you let everybody sell everything, they’re a master of none. I want my staff to be experts.”

With the expansion, Golinvaux plans to add four jobs to his staff right away and, over time, possibly up to 10 more. He also plans to increase volume a minimum of 20 percent.

“We think the possibility exists with [the expansion] to do up to $10 million in annual revenue,” Golinvaux said.

Growth at HyMark Motorsports/Strictly Powersports follows a recent economic trend in Pueblo West.

“There was a 76 percent increase in residential structures and a 28 percent increase in new commercial buildings in 2016. Pueblo West is growing again and we couldn’t be more pleased,” said Laurie Cozzetto, community development director for Pueblo West Metropolitan District. “Our economic development committee is meeting with prospective new business owners often. Although we did not have any significant involvement in HyMark’s expansion, we are ready and willing to provide assistance to any Pueblo West business that would like to expand.”

Golinvaux said he hopes HyMark Motorsports/Strictly Powersports will become a destination dealership.

The staff at HyMark Motorsports is preparing for a major expansion and rebranding in Pueblo West.
The staff at HyMark Motorsports is preparing for a major expansion and rebranding in Pueblo West.

“It’s 228 miles to the east before you run into another powersports dealer of any brand. …  It’s 279 miles [to a dealer] to the south in Santa Fe, N.M. … and it is 150 miles to Gunnison before you run into another powersports dealer to the west. There’s a lot of competition to the north, but an advantage we have is we are the only Indian dealer for the entire southern half of Colorado,” Golinvaux said.

The Indian Motorcycle brand has only four locations statewide: Lakewood, Littleton, Fort Collins and Golinvaux’s. With that brand, HyMark Motorsports/Strictly Powersports does business under the name Indian Motorcycle of Southern Colorado.

Golinvaux described Indian Motorcycle as the Prada or Gucci of the motorcycle world.

“We’re very fortunate because of where we’re situated. With Big R’s Pueblo West location going up over there I think this can become a destination area. I think other businesses will come here and become a draw to the area for commerce,” he said.

Chris Markuson, Pueblo County’s director of economic development and geographic information systems, expects a similar manifestation of new business to occur in Pueblo West.

“Pueblo West continues to expand its commercial business footprint. Often, once a commercial district reaches a certain level of available retail activity, it draws more customers from a broader region,” Markuson said.

With the expansion of HyMark Motorsports and Big R opening a store in Pueblo West, Markuson said jobs and revenue will increase over time.

“I’ve been watching their growth and am excited for them. HyMark Motorsports has developed a name and reputation regionally. Consumer expenditures toward recreational goods in Pueblo and the surrounding region are growing,” Markuson said.

“It’s obvious HyMark is very effectively tapping into a larger regional market. When a business like HyMark is able to generate revenues from a larger trade area, the net economic gain to the community is significant.”

Golinvaux cites his employees, processes, accountability and discipline as what makes his business model work.

“We’ve been really fortunate to attract good quality employees as we’ve grown. I think that the consumer has responded well to what we’re trying to do here, which is provide competent and honest transactions,” Golinvaux said.

“We apply our core values to everything we do: professionalism, integrity, fairness and enthusiasm. We just operate our business that way and I think people see that.”

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    Good to see powersports get some attention in the Business section of daily and weekly newspapers.