Catholic Charities of Central Colorado has a new website, a larger photography database and a growing social media presence all because of Stacy Sprewer, its communications and social media manager for the past three years.

Sprewer has lived in Colorado Springs most of her life, graduating from UCCS in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in communications and visual arts. She was still a student when she interviewed for an internship with the human services organization, and her nominator, Rochelle Blaschke Schlortt, said Sprewer immediately stood out.

“She was intelligent, poised and professional well beyond her years,” she said. “From the very beginning, Stacy took on advanced responsibility, as she was more than capable of handling projects from start to finish.”

It wasn’t long until Sprewer was offered a full-time position with the nonprofit as communications coordinator, improving the organization’s communication channels, particularly in the social media realm.

And soon, she was promoted to lead the organization’s social media efforts entirely, Schlortt said.

“She has brought our social media presence to something in which we are proud,” she said, adding, “Our Facebook likes have more than doubled and we now post daily on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.”

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Artistic at heart, Sprewer serves as a board member for community arts organization Imagination Celebration, and in 2015 she participated in the Bike & Build fundraising event, riding more than 2,600 miles across the U.S. to raise funds for affordable housing.

“When I see someone following their passion, making a difference, or just being true to themselves, it inspires me to do the same,” she said.

As a young professional, Sprewer said she is learning how to overcome her fear of making mistakes.

“I think everyone struggles with this and it’s not something you ever truly overcome,” she said. “But the more new things you try, the more mistakes you make and you learn to get past them. Sometimes failure can be a more valuable life experience than accomplishing a goal.”

A fan of road biking, hiking and checking out local breweries, the 25-year-old said she hopes to develop a career in which she can combine her passion for socially engaging work with her creative skills and love for the outdoors.

“I appreciate the balance between city life and the outdoors,” she said. “Our community is growing with urban developments like bike shares and art galleries, but at the same time, a great hike is just a couple of minutes away from anywhere in town.”

Not only does Sprewer have the skills to do well but she also has the passion needed for a career in the nonprofit world, Schlortt said.

“She cares passionately about our world, our agency and the people we serve,” Schlortt said.