Colorado Crossing reborn as Victory Ridge

The developers of Victory Ridge — a 153-acre, mixed-use development formerly known as Colorado Crossing in northern Colorado Springs — said the project could eventually include more than 500 residential units, more than 400 hotel units, well over 100,000 square feet of retail space and a number of office buildings. The site, located at the southeast corner of Interquest and Voyager parkways, will also serve as the future home of the Scott Hall Field of Dreams sports complex.
Another of the three existing structures at the Victory Ridge site is a partially finished 110,000-square-foot office building with panoramic views in every direction. Developers say the top floor of the four-level structure will feature large western-facing verandas overlooking Pikes Peak, the Air Force Academy and the Front Range. Moore said that work to finish the building should begin in the next six months, with completion coming sometime in 2018.
“The office building is still open to the elements but still in remarkably good shape,” Moore said. “I would call it about 50-percent complete. I think that it had gotten to about 65-percent complete and we’ve had to take a few steps back because of that, but that’s still a great head start.”
The developers have already undertaken a complete redesign of the building’s exterior in order to modernize its now-dated façade. General contractor GE Johnson will complete the construction of the facility using materials including glass, stone and aluminum.
Developer Otis Moore stands in the lobby of a 14-screen movie theater that was left partially complete when the Colorado Crossing project and its former owner Jannie Richardson fell upon hard times in 2008. Moore is a principal of Denver-based company Westside Investment Partners (along with Andy Klein and Kevin Smith), which purchased the property in October for $22.1 million. Moore said the company will finish construction on the site’s three existing structures before moving on to the first phase of new development, and that the theater is likely to be complete within six months.