The Colorado Springs Business Journal has gone through some major leadership shifts in the past month.

As a result, readers, subscribers and partners might be wondering about the paper’s future and its editorial direction.

Things might change internally, but our commitment to our supporters and partners won’t be any different: We intend to continue as the premier business resource in southern Colorado, and we strive to provide news content that will help business leaders make better decisions, improve their bottom lines and increase economic activity throughout the region.

We provide stories that are local, relevant and interesting, as well as news that is fair and objective. We believe that a robust business environment is the catalyst for a vibrant region — without business, the arts community wouldn’t exist, nonprofits couldn’t fulfill their missions and the region would struggle to meet education and workforce needs.

We want to engage in a productive dialogue with local businesses, serving as a connector through events, conversations and sponsorships. While there will always be differing views, the Business Journal will continue to provide a voice to both sides of an issue and give readers access to all the information available in order to make an informed decision.

In a political atmosphere that isn’t particularly civil — name-calling and insults have become the new national pastime — the Business Journal wants to be the source of rational conversation and dialogue to resolve differences.

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And we’ll continue to build on the excellent foundation built by departing Publisher Jenifer Furda with local engagement, events and programs designed to celebrate successes, connect the business community and create wealth for business leaders. We will retain our commitment to celebrate the region’s young professionals and to connect them with experienced CEOs through our weekly features. We’ll remain dedicated to telling the stories of our small businesses and providing information and support to help startups.

Furda grew the Business Journal’s subscription level to record highs, introduced it to Pueblo and southern Colorado, and paved the way for future success.

We were fortunate to have her energy, enthusiasm and passion at the newspaper, and we are positive that her work for the National Cybersecurity Center will be equally successful. The NCC will absolutely benefit from her leadership style and strategy: to build a big tent and make sure everyone is engaged and involved to pave the way for success. The NCC is in great hands.

And thanks to the solid foundation Jen Furda helped establish, so is the Business Journal.

So this is our invitation to you: Reach out to us, to our just-promoted Managing Editor Bryan Grossman, our new Advertising Manager Jeff Moore or to Editor & COO Amy Sweet. We’ll buy you a cup of coffee and discuss how the CSBJ can be a partner for your business.

We want to hear from you, as we all work together to build the kind of city where we all love to live, work and play. Colorado Springs is poised for ever-greater success — thanks in no small part to its businesses. Let us tell your stories, figure out your challenges and work to provide answers for regional challenges.

After all, we’re in this together.