Through a fundraising partnership with 15 Great Clips hair salons in southern Colorado, Children’s Hospital Colorado recently added a panoramic dental X-ray machine at its Cleft Lip and Palate Clinic, allowing patients to receive exams, imaging and treatment under one roof.

On Feb. 18, a ribbon-cutting ceremony took place at Children’s Hospital on Briargate Parkway to celebrate the new technology.

The device enables a two-dimensional X-ray examination, capturing a flat, panoramic view of the entire mouth in a single image. Previously, imaging was sent to a third party, requiring time and a follow-up appointment for patients, said Amy Triandiflou, spokesperson for the Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation.

“Having a Panorex X-ray in-house lets Children’s immediately get images, [thus] saving time, reducing costs, and, most importantly, getting the best treatment in place for the child in a timely manner,” she said.

Frank Evans is a Great Clips franchisee and owns 10 salons in Colorado Springs and five in surrounding areas, including in Pueblo, Monument and Woodland Park.

For eight years, Evans’ salons have supported The Children’s Miracle Network, affiliated with Children’s Hospital, conducting a six-week fundraising campaign each year to support the nonprofit.

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Evans said that during the campaign he provided incentives for stylists to participate, such as offering gift cards or time off. Stylists asked clients to donate at least $5 to the cause and had a “cut-a-thon,” donating time and revenue.

Great Clips raised $53,000 in 2015, covering the cost of one $50,000 machine for Children’s Hospital to purchase in 2016.

“Most of my employees have had exposure to the Children’s Hospital, whether through family members or coworkers,” he said. “I think the parallel is that our stylists work every day with customers, making them feel better about themselves with freshly cut hair. “Staff at the Children’s Hospital do amazing work treating kids who come in with deformities and are self-conscious about them, and then sending them off as happy campers.”