In December, Centura Health purchased  DaVita HealthCare Partners’ interest in a joint venture entered into by both organizations in 2015.

Centura Health is the parent company of Penrose-St Francis Health Services and DaVita acquired Colorado Springs Health Partners in 2014.

FullWell, a company aiming to bring greater value and lower costs for health care consumers in Colorado and western Kansas, was created by Centura and DaVita “to empower [Centura’s] Colorado Health Neighborhoods’ providers to optimize consumer health value,” according to Jennifer Wills, director of strategic communications for Centura Health. “DaVita concluded that the 50/50 joint venture was no longer optimal for our partnership and Centura Health purchased DaVita’s interest on Dec. 1, 2016.”

The joint venture meant Centura’s physician-led Health Neighborhoods could access data analytics to support early identification of high-risk patients with chronic health conditions. The analytics also provided real-time feedback on treatment efficacy.

“The change in the contract is that Centura Health now owns 100 percent of FullWell,” Wills said. “Centura Health is committed to fulfilling our mission to meet the needs of the communities we serve. FullWell is aligned with this commitment and our efforts to transform healthcare.”

Wills added, “There are no expected changes to the value-based resources and tools that FullWell is providing Colorado Health Neighborhoods’ providers.”

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She said FullWell will continue to “enable and empower” Health Neighborhood providers to optimize health for the people of Colorado and western Kansas.

“Providers in the Pikes Peak region who have been working with FullWell will continue to benefit from the company focus on healthcare quality and value,” she said.

David Tauchen, corporate communications manager with DaVita Medical Group, said DaVita executives came to the conclusion that a 50/50 joint venture was “not the optimal structure for our partnership and we could partner together more efficiently through traditional contractual relationships.

“We continue to have a positive and valued relationship with Centura Health,” Tauchen said. “Our two organizations will still work closely together through other vehicles. We have appreciated all that we learned through this venture and we look forward to partnering with Centura in different ways to optimize value in health care.”

Centura would not disclose the details of the acquisition.

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