149382255The Colorado Springs-based O’Neil Group helped to “facilitate and structure” the asset acquisition of Advanced Radar Corporation by a Boulder-based engineering firm, according to a Jan. 23 news release.

Net-Centric Design Professionals, a Boulder company specializing in system design, cybersecurity and systems integration, purchased Advanced Radar Corporation as part of the “asset purchase transaction,” according to a news release from Blakely + Company (which handles PR for the O’Neil Group).

“The O’Neil Group Company was retained to assist in negotiating the transaction with all interested parties, assist with third party due diligence, structure the terms of the transaction and prepare legal documents necessary to complete the transaction,” said Becca Tonn, director of public relations at Blakely.

According to theoneilgroupco.com, the company has “built or facilitated the acquisition of dozens of companies across the spectrum.” The firm also claims to currently own, manage or consult with dozens of companies.

Advanced Radar Corporation will retain its employees and continue its business operations under a slightly altered name, Advanced Radar Company. ARC, which was originally founded in 2006 as a spinoff from the National Center for Atmospheric Research, specializes in the commercialization of weather radar systems.

“ARC has developed and deployed radar systems on every continent (except Antarctica), and is an international leader in the weather radar field with its application-driven software,” according to the release.

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NDP plans to use the newly acquired company to expand its business into the “environmental-intelligence and military-weather markets.”

“We are excited at the opportunity to combine ARC’s leading radar technology with NDP’s proven engineering, marketing and program management experience in order to create a leader in the global market for weather radars,” NDP co-founder and President German Nunez said in the release.