Several local nonprofits will receive money to aid the homeless, thanks to grants from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Nationwide, the agency awarded $1.95 billion to help fight the problem in urban areas across the country — in Colorado Springs, homeless agencies will receive $2.4 million toward housing projects. Known as Continuum of Care grants, the money will be used to support local programs and housing projects, according to Cindy Aubrey from Pikes Peak United Way.

The grants are given annually, she says. The new recipient this year is TESSA, a nonprofit with a mission to end domestic violence. TESSA operates a shelter for women and children who are trying to leave abusive situations.

Nonprofits receiving money:

  • Urban Peak of Colorado Springs: $206,692 for three programs
  • Colorado Springs Housing Authority: $114,181
  • Colorado Division of Housing: $600,808
  • Homeward Pikes Peak: $708,084 for four programs
  • Ascending to Health Respite Care: $72,475 for two programs
  • Partners in Housing: $412,236 for seven programs
  • Pikes Peak United Way: $271,941 for two programs
  • TESSA: $57,433