CTRAC calling industry to partner in spring CyberWorx course


The Center for Technology, Research and Commercialization is looking for local professionals working in the commercial and DOD sectors to participate in a course next semester at the Air Force Academy to design command and control (C2) relationships for the Air Force’s new cyber squadrons.

CTRAC is looking for at least 11 partners in local government and industry to attend the class multiple times a week — in two-hour blocks — Jan. 4- May 12. Partners will work with 15-20 cadets to generate concepts to find command and control solutions in cyber space through design thinking, said Erin Miller, managing director of CTRAC.

“We’re looking for companies in commercial or DoD-based business,” she said. “We’d like to get Air Force personnel exposed to multinational corporation solutions, as well as startups and small businesses who primarily work in the commercial sector.”

The nonprofit is looking for specialists in fields including logistics, retail, energy, financial services, transportation and ethnography.

The course will be called “Design Future Air Force Command and Control of Cyberspace,” following CyberWorx’ pilot course that began in August and will wrap up Dec. 7. Throughout the semester, industry partners and cadets have been collaborating to determine how to present cyber risks — usually complex and technical data — to commanders through methods that involve a human perspective.

“After the fall pilot project ends, CTRAC will follow up with all of the companies that participated to determine next steps,” Miller said.

The goal behind the cyber C2 course is to strengthen active cyber defenses and mission assurance capabilities at points where the Air Force’s core missions are most dependent upon cyberspace, Col. Jeff Collins, director of Air Force CyberWorx, said in a news release.

“Cyber C2 is about how airmen will work together to make sure we have unity of effort, the ability to take advantage of human-machine cognitive teaming, and the best possible situational awareness in the cyber domain as we do in air and space,” Collins said. “By implementing proper command and control, airmen will be postured to employ cyber defense capabilities, secure cyberspace terrain, and monitor the operating environment.”

Industry leaders interested in participating in the course must fill out an application at c-trac.org/application by Dec. 9.

CTRAC is a nonprofit whose mission is to support the vision of CyberWorx by partnering industry with the CyberWorx program for the facilitation of technology transfer and transition.


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