Tatiana Bailey’s resumé is both impressive and extensive. Her personal and professional aspirations have landed her in a number of unique places — the most recent is Colorado Springs, where she serves as the executive director of the UCCS Economic Forum.

Originally from the Washington, D.C., area, Bailey relocated to Ottawa, Canada, in 1984 to attend Carleton University for an undergraduate education in economics and political science. While Ottawa was where her professional life began, it’s also where she met her husband Ian Glassford and they started a family.

As Bailey was beginning her ambitious career in health care and economics, she was always somehow able to make him and their five children the top priority.

“Family has always come first for her,” Glassford said.

She worked her way through college as a research and teaching assistant at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where she received master’s degrees in economics and public health, as well as a Ph.D. in public health.

Although she never planned to stay in Michigan after finishing school in 1998, she went on to work for the university until 2003 before dipping her toe in consultancy work.

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She continued to teach, as well as grow her consulting firm, in Michigan until 2014 when she moved to Colorado Springs to lead the Economic Forum at UCCS.

[su_note note_color=”#7db9ff”]Personal Mantra:

“Always start with the positive. I think this is true with parenting your kids, but I also think it’s true in life, in your job and in your outlook on the world around you. … It makes the lens through which you look at life so much more pleasant, and it also enables you to positively affect change.”[/su_note]

“After conducting a national search and interviewing multiple candidates, Tatiana rose to the top of the list, and I believe UCCS has made an outstanding selection for the position,” said Ronald Chernak, president of FBB Group Ltd. “Since assuming the position, Tatiana has not only redeemed and enhanced the role of the forum director, but she has become a leading source of economic information for the community and an active participant on many business and community committees and programs. In my opinion, she has excelled in her position and the community has been a beneficiary of her knowledge and tireless energy.”

Since moving her family and her career to Colorado Springs two years ago, Bailey has made herself at home: She co-founded a women’s networking group called “Women Who Get Stuff Done,” has become an active member of the Olympic City USA committee, and she serves on the boards of both Rocky Mountain Health Options and the Memorial Health Foundation.

“In assessing Tatiana’s accomplishments over the relatively short period of time that she has been a member of the community, I can only speculate on her potential to provide additional community leadership after she becomes even more ingrained with the community at multiple levels of involvement,” Chernak said.

But despite the reputation she has been able to make for herself locally — not to mention her larger-than-life resume, which also includes volunteer work for an orphanage in Bolivia — Bailey remains a grounded, fun-loving mom who  is genuinely passionate about the Colorado Springs community. She told the Business Journal that she considers it “such an honor” to be selected as one of this year’s Women of Influence, especially given her short stint in the Springs.

“I think this community does such an amazing job on giving people kudos,” she said. “They’re always celebrating the work other people are doing — and I think that’s so great. So while I was flabbergasted, I am at the same time very honored and humbled by this.” –

-— Cameron Moix