When Linda Warren decided to start a business of her own in 1992, she never imagined it would grow into one of the largest and most successful of its kind in Colorado Springs.

“I never intended to grow a business … and now I have 21 employees,” Warren said. “It’s pretty awesome how it all worked out.”

Warren, a native of rural Nebraska, became involved in residential community associations in 1986 when she went to work for Vintage Communities as marketing assistant and HOA administrator for their Peregrine Development in Colorado Springs.

Six years later, she went out on a limb and started Warren & Associates (which later became the Warren Management Group) to offer management services for community associations, business associations and landowner associations — becoming what she calls “an accidental entrepreneur.”

“In her career, Linda has chosen a profession that is inherently challenging,” said Jerry Biggs, president of ProTerra Properties LLC in Colorado Springs. “She has excelled in growing her company, and has done it with integrity.  … Linda has been a force in seeking reform of regulations that are unreasonably burdensome, while supporting the implementation of more stringent educational and training requirements that raise the professionalism of industry participants.”

[su_note note_color=”#7db9ff”]Personal Mantra: “My mission is to appreciate, embrace and inspire growth in myself and others. I wrote that years ago … but I’ve recently realized how true it still is.” [/su_note]

It was the success of her company that in 2004 facilitated the creation of the Institute of Community Learning, an organization that educates real estate agents, builders, developers and others about common-interest communities and homeowners associations. Warren is also heavily involved in the Community Association Institute, for which she has been a national faculty member since 2004.

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“Linda is a very passionate person and she brings that passion to her work for her communities and she brings that passion to her work with [the Community Association Institute],” said Debra Oppenheimer, an attorney at HindmanSanchez in Denver.

“Her passion drives her to always look for opportunities to assist her managers, her board members and the CAI members.”

At the end of a long day, Warren enjoys relaxing on the back deck of the Black Forest home she and her husband have shared for the past three years — watching sunsets, storm clouds and wild animals amble cross her Rocky Mountain vista.

“It’s my golden place — it’s my serenity place,” she said. “It’s so peaceful that you feel you need to whisper.”

For Warren, that view is representative of many things she loves about her community; a community she feels “so honored and humbled” to have had the chance to positively impact through her work.

“In a lot of ways, I still feel like a little girl from southeast Nebraska,” she said. “I don’t know how my life journey has taken me to this place, but it’s very humbling and I’m so honored to be among the amazing Women of Influence.”

— Cameron Moix