Colorado Springs residents will have a chance to go beyond the sound-bites and learn about the presidential candidates’ economic platforms during a Wednesday, Oct. 12 event at Webster University.

All four major candidates will be presented: Democrat Hillary Clinton, Republican Donald Trump, Green Party’s Jill Stein and Libertarian Gary Johnson.

Taking on the roles of the four candidates: Paul Rochete of Summit Economics will discuss Clinton’s economic platform; Paul Prentice of Colorado Technical University will be speaking on behalf of Trump’s platform; Tom Binnings of Summit Economics will talk about Johnson’s platform and Daphne Greenwood of UCCS will discuss Stein’s policies for the economy.

The event will focus on the economic proposals of all four — their stances on trade, taxes, immigration, the national deficit and energy — all from the point of view of local economists. They’ll cover the candidates’ platforms, discuss what they agree with, what they don’t — and where there is agreement among the candidates themselves.

In an election year that’s been long on controversy and short on policy, local economists will fill in the blanks.

But don’t expect candidate pitches.

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“We’re going to be nonpartisan,” Binnings said. “We’re not going to tell you who to vote for. Our goal is for every person to leave with a broader understanding of economics as a whole — and how the candidate’s stances could affect the national economy.”

Rochette agreed.

“We’re going to outline the platforms, then explain what a reasonable economist would say about their plans,” he said. “What they say it does — and what it could actually do. The goal is for people to walk away with more tools to consider what each candidate is saying.”

With education the end goal, proceeds from the event will benefit the Colorado Council for Economic Education, a statewide group with the mission of preparing Colorado students for a “lifetime of economic understanding and financial freedom.”

The event goes from 4:30-6 p.m. at Webster University, 5475 Tech Center Suite 110, and costs $20 to attend. Teachers can attend for free. The debate is sponsored by the Colorado Springs Business Journal, Summit Economics and Webster University.

Click here to register. Participation is limited to the first 70 people to sign up.