Security Service promotes ‘total well-being’


Amber Kight, senior member relationship officer at Security Service Federal Credit Union, competes in a mud run in Colorado Springs. The credit union promotes a healthy, active, engaged workplace.

Security Service Federal Credit Union is the recipient of the Colorado Springs Business Journal’s 6035 Lifestyle: Healthiest Companies award for large employers.

Security Service promotes a culture of “total well-being,” according to Karyn Draeger, employee benefits and wellness professional with the credit union.

“We encourage health and wellness in a variety of ways,” Draeger said. “Each year, we hold biometric screenings on location and offer incentives for participation. In addition, we pay for employees and their immediate family members to participate in ‘Community Family & Fitness Events,’ such as 5K fun runs, canoe races and competitive events. We provide gym memberships and an online wellness program that encourages employees to utilize healthy behaviors. Through this, we have an incentive program that turns results into rewards.”

The company has a dedicated, full-time position of well-being adviser and manager, who oversees the company’s wellness committees and programs, including Wellness Champions.

Champs are employees from each department, area and branch throughout the organization, and are an important part of Security Service’s wellness initiative, assisting in driving a culture of well-being and providing a peer-to-peer support network, Draeger said.

“Our Champs assist in bringing our communication to the employee level and [give] it a grassroots feel,” she said. “[They act] as leaders of change for their area, and … always help our employees keep healthy living … a priority.”

The long-term goal, Draeger said, is to improve the lives of our employees and their families by helping them become physically, emotionally and financially fit.

“We do so by providing a Total Wellbeing Program that touches on all three categories,” she said. “We offer these resources to the employees and their households and continue to change and enhance our program every year to remain viable and relevant.”

In addition, Security Service conducts a health fair and screening events yearly. All employees are provided time during work to attend the event. Security Service also offers an employee assistance program that helps employees with well-being issues that affect their work/life balance. Services include assistance with emotional, financial and child and elder care, as well as with and estate planning.

“The program is highly utilized and provides the assistance our employees need in difficult times, as well as everyday assistance with vacation planning, information research and other life-added services,” Draeger said.

Work wellness is important, she said, because “wellness works.”

Draeger added that when an employee is physically, emotionally and financially fit, “they are going to be more productive at work and happier in their personal life.  We see it every day in the accomplishments our employees make.”

Regarding financial health, Security Service provides a financial wellness program that provides employees with access to a money coach. The program matches certified financial professionals based on a number of topics, including debt management and consolidation, credit, spending, budgeting, bankruptcy and more.

As for the healthy living programs, the employee response has been positive, Draeger said.

“Our employees love the program,” she said. “We have outstanding participation, great feedback and a corporate culture that has impacted our employees both at work and at home. We continue to have high levels of engagement in all of our activities, and we continue to expand the program to include more challenges and enhancements.”