It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” – Mahatma Gandhi

jenifer-furdaHealth and wellness are traits that you do not appreciate until they are gone.

Today we celebrated health, wellness, Colorado Springs, our business community and companies who care about all of the above. At the Colorado Springs Business Journal, we are excited to highlight what we are doing right as a community, honoring people and companies who make us proud to be from the Pikes Peak region. This year, we honor three local companies in the small, large and extra-large categories with the “Healthiest Companies” awards, and we celebrate  one Health Hero who has transformed his own well-being and inspires others. Our biggest award goes to the Healthiest CEO, who emulates the awesome 6035 lifestyle we should all strive for — one of vibrant health and well-being.

The criteria used to select the healthiest companies were:

• Company health and wellness program;

• Benefits offered to employees;

• Leadership involvement;

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• Health goals;

• Intervention programs offered to employees;

• Culture of wellness at the company;

• How you measure success through data collection;

• Health vision; and

• Bottom line savings because of the health programs in place.

The company size breakdown:

• 1-50 full-time employees = small business

• 51-100 full-time employees = medium business

• 101-500 full-time employees = large business

• 501 or more full-time employees = extra-large business.

Congratulations to all of our Healthiest Companies and our Healthiest CEO, who you will get to meet in the next few pages. Congratulations not only to the recipients of the 6035 Lifestyle Healthiest Company awards, but to all the nominees. Thank you for standing up for health. And lastly, congratulations to all our healthy CEOs who care about health and live the 6035 lifestyle with passion. Lead the conversation, be healthy and awesome — and read the CSBJ!

Jenifer Furda


Colorado Springs Business Journal

Committee Members:

Beth O’Brien

Lauren M. Hug

Karole Campbell

Marjorie Noleen

Michele Wolfe

Heather McPeak

Jenifer Furda

Tammy Fogall

Health Hero

gunnarGunnar Doucet, SEM strategist for AdPro 360/Phil Long Dealerships, was named a CSBJ health hero. Doucet started on a journey in 2014 to lose weight, fight fatigue and increase his overall happiness with the quality of his life.

He used an on-site fitness center at Phil Long and, together with professional trainers, developed a nutrition and fitness program that worked for him.

Through Doucet’s maximum effort and great attitude toward overall health, he has lost more than100 pounds, has more energy and is a happier person. He has enjoyed his results so much that he has started a club for fellow employees at Phil Long where they walk at lunch and help each other make better eating choices.

Congratulations to Gunnar and to all local Health Heroes who are not only changing their lives for the better — but other lives around them.

Healthiest Companies Award Winners:


Security Service Federal Credit Union

Kirkpatrick Bank

Kent Fortune, USAA