Olympic Training Center Director Aron McGuire gives staff from the Colorado Technology Association a tour of the athletic campus Aug. 1 during the Technology Tour kickoff.

Have Olympic fever yet? Want to learn how to get your business on the podium?

The opportunity for businesses to learn to leverage the Olympic City USA brand is tomorrow, Aug. 11, 5-7 p.m. at Gold Hill Mesa, 142 S. Raven Mine Drive.

Connect! Colorado Springs is hosting “Gold Medal Business in Olympic City USA,” which includes networking and a panel that will discuss Olympic City USA’s roots and how businesses can take advantage of that identity.

The updated panel includes:

  • Katie Lally, mayor’s office
  • Amy Long, Convention & Visitor’s Bureau
  • Nerissa England, marketing expert with SuperFineDesigns
  • Suzanne Tulien, branding expert with Brand Ascension
  • Shirley Rouse, Housing and Building Association
  • Michelle Dusserre-Farrell, silver medal gymnast leading the city’s athlete outreach program.

“How many of you are watching the Olympics this week and being inspired by the excellence of the athletes and the global unity that the Olympic movement offers?” said Lally in an email. “Our community has the unique opportunity to take advantage of our Olympic assets and call itself Olympic City USA. We want to instill the Olympic values in the fiber of our city.”

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“This is going to be a great conversation,” said Amanda Miller Luciano, a former Connect! Colorado Springs board member who helped organize the event. “While there are limitations on using the Olympic City USA logo, a brand is more than a logo and I think some creative ideas and thoughts about how to leverage the brand for local business will begin percolating at this event.”

Miller Luciano said the event is an opportunity for everyone to learn more about the new brand, about how such brands tend to evolve and how it could impact the community.

“When we step outside of Colorado Springs and see how the rest of the state, country and world view us, it’s not always what we want,” Miller Luciano said. “Building on a brand, especially one as distinguished as Olympic City USA, can give us a platform from which to advertise our best qualities. And it can help generate community pride, which is something Connect! Colorado Springs is deeply invested in.”

The event is $10 and includes appetizers, beer and wine. Tickets can be found here.