Sales and use tax for Colorado Springs rose 2.98 percent in April and has risen 4.64 percent year-to-date, according to figures from the city.

The sales tax alone was responsible for 1.7 percent for the month and 2.54 percent year-to-date. The use tax increased 27.3 percent for the month and 24.32 percent year-to-date, figures show.

The 2 percent general fund sales and use tax revenue is used for police, fire, street repairs and park maintenance. The .62 percent road repair, maintenance and improvement tax is dedicated solely to road improvement needs, while the .4 percent public safety tax funds operating and capital needs for public safety. The city also charges .1 percent for acquisition, development and maintenance of trails, open space and parks.

 The sales and use tax brought in $12.7 million in April; the road tax, $3.9 million; public safety tax, $2.5 million, and the TOPS tax, $635,511.

The Lodging and Automobile Rental Tax adds a total of 2 percent for hotel rooms and 1 percent for car rentals. Lodgers paid $315,002 for the hotel tax and $38,451 for the auto rental tax in April.

LART combine increased 22.36 for the month and 21.6 percent year-to date, city figures show.

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Once again, industries with the largest month-over-month increases:medical marijuana increased 26.8 percent; grocery stores sales taxes were up 24.15 percent and hotel/motel sales taxes were up 22.28 percent.

Decreases in sales tax revenue: utilities dropped by 16.4 percent, auto dealers by 15.5 percent and department and discount stores decreased by 5.92 percent.

Net revenue from sales and use tax alone for the year for Colorado Springs is slightly more than $33 million. Every month in 2016 has shown and improvement, according to the city. February’s collections were up 8 percent; March’s increased by 3.4 percent; and April’s by 4.64 percent.