Colorado College plans to build 154 student housing units on the city block southeast of Nevada Avenue and Uintah street. The college has submitted a detailed development plan for the site to the city.

The site is now used primarily for a 303-space surface parking lot. Five new buildings and a smaller parking lot will replace it. The two buildings that border Nevada Avenue will, according to the development plan “have the appearance of large homes, taking their exterior inspiration from the surrounding neighborhoods. The overall height of the structures is 45 feet.” Exterior material will vary, to provide variety to the streetscape.

Tw more residential buildings are planned for the interior of the site, as well as a community building that will anchor the southern portion of the site and “provide a hub for social interaction,” according to plans from the city.

All  the building entries will face toward the new interior quadrangle, in order to funnel pedestrian traffic toward the southern portion of the site.

All  the existing Victorian structures bordering Weber and Uintah streets will be retained. CC plans a new 123-space parking lot to the west of the Weber Street buildings.

The proposed development will result in a net loss of 175 off-street parking spaces. The college plans to “incentivize the use of on-campus parking areas” by requiring all cars parking on campus to have a permit and by revising the current fee structure. The goal: To reduce the numbers of college faculty, staff and students who park on the street in front of private residences.

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Depending on the extent of the proposed “rightsizing” of Nevada Avenue — making the lanes more narrow — a new signal for pedestrian crossings could be created along the block to reduce jaywalking.