The city released its sales and use tax revenue report for March, which indicated $10.69 million was collected via the 2 percent sales-and-use tax. Combined, the sales-and-use tax is up 3.4 percent for the month and up 5.67 percent year-to-date, according to the report. Sales tax alone increased .67 percent for the month and has increased 4.68 percent year-to-date. The use tax is up 60.15 percent for the month and 22.66 percent year-to-date. In March 2015, the city collected $10.34 million in combined sales and use taxes.

The .62 percent 2C Road Tax brought in more than $3 million in March. In its first year, 2C tax collections increased just more than $200,000 over last month.

The 2 percent Lodger’s and 1 percent Auto Rental Tax were up for a combined 14.71 percent for the month and up 17.25 percent year-to-date. Lodging, at $246,039 on the month, was up 26.86 percent for the month and up 21.95 percent year-to-date, while auto rentals brought in $35,250, a decrease of 2.34 percent for the month, but a bump of 16.01 percent year-to-date.

Medical marijuana led industries with the largest month-over-month percent increase, at 33.86 percent. Hotels and motels followed with 28.78 and grocery stores saw an increase of 15.91 percent.

The industries with the largest month-over-month tax collections were restaurants, at $123,532, followed by building materials at nearly $80,000 and hotels and motels at nearly $76,000.

Commercial machines, department and discount retailers and utilities saw the largest percentage declines in March, while commercial machines and those retailers, along with miscellaneous retail, saw the greatest declines in taxes collected.

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