The Colorado Springs City Council approved April 12, via a 7-2 vote (Helen Collins and Andy Pico voted against), a proposal to amend the city’s 2014 Action Plan that allows the city to invest $2.5 million in Community Development Block Grant funds for additional shelter beds and a day center for the homeless community. This action will facilitate the construction of 150 new shelter beds and a day center with showers, restrooms and laundry on the Springs Rescue Mission campus, a goal for the city and El Paso County Continuum of Care in recent years, according to a news release issued by the city. The campus plan, which also includes a kitchen and welcome center, is estimated to cost $13.8 million.

“We have been working tirelessly with the city and the Continuum of Care for nearly two years on building a campus that would serve our neighbors who are experiencing homelessness. With community commitments of over $4 million and the approval of this CDBG funding, we are ready to begin construction within weeks. This demonstrates our communities desire to make life better for all of our citizens,” said Larry Yonker, president and CEO of Springs Rescue Mission.

“We are proud to support Springs Rescue Mission and fill a significant gap in our community safety net for people experiencing homelessness and provide a support system to help forge a path out of homelessness,” said Aimee Cox, Community Development Manager for the City of Colorado Springs.

Construction is set to begin in May with the goal of additional shelter beds ready by Nov. 1.

To read more about the CDBG grant and Springs Rescue Mission project, click here.


  1. Can we make residency contingent on photo ID registration of transients — some of whom rob and commit other acts with no fear of being identified? Can it also be contingent on obeying the law; especially sidewalk obstruction?

    • Helen Collins wouldn’t vote for such a thing unless it was operated like some of her slum housing and she got a fee for it.

  2. Figures, Helen Collins and Andy Pico voted no. Well at least they are consistent…..

    Sure would like to know what their opposition is to providing more beds to a community of people in need who are sleeping in stairwells, alleys, parks.

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