RTA Architects, a Colorado Springs-based company, concluded the design and construction of Denver Health Southwest Community Health Center and Urgent Care.

it took 30 months to complete the building, and the 45,000-square-foot facility will open soon.

RTA was chosen to build the health clinic in the economically challenging southwest neighborhood. The firm spent several days at an existing Denver Health community health center to discover the way patients, staff and procedures worked.

“We went in with our eyes and ears wide open and really looked at Denver Health’s needs, desires, processes, and mission. The ultimate goal was to optimize flow and value for the patients and staff of the new Southwest Community Health Center and to create a space that will be embraced as a centerpiece of the community,” said Kevin Gould, RTA principal-in-charge said in a press release.

The company then held a production, preparation and process event to test potential designs. The clinic’s goal was to meet the needs in an economically depressed neighborhood — and work with community members. The clinic has a large interactive children’s play zone, as well as a multipurpose community conference room. Universal signs allow multilingual patients to use the facility easily. Departments used most frequently — urgent care, pharmacy and dental services — were located near the entrance of the building.


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With warm wood, slate tiles, expansive skylights and vaulted ceilings, the Southwest Community Health Center embodies Denver Health’s mission of “Level One Care for ALL,” aesthetically as well as in its delivery of medical services, the press release said.

The Southwest Community Health Center will have 40 exam rooms and will be the first in the Denver Health system to provide on-site urgent care. The clinic is expected to open in April.