Grace Houser is the type of young person the community should do its best to recruit and retain, said Greg Raymond.

The regional vice president of Children’s Hospital in Southern Colorado, Raymond nominated Houser, a Colorado Springs pediatric pulmonologist employed by the University of Colorado Denver.

“My main driver for nominating Grace was to highlight the quality of individuals who are moving to Colorado Springs and who are choosing to call Colorado Springs home,” Raymond said. “We’re talking about young professionals who are very well trained and come from some of the most prestigious academies and medical centers in the country, and they want to be part of the Colorado Springs community and take care of our kids and their families close to home. Grace is an example of that.”

Houser received her undergraduate degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and her medical education from the University of Alabama, Birmingham. Houser moved to Colorado Springs to be closer to her parents, who live here.

“My husband and I looked at jobs that would put us closer to family,” she said. “There was this wonderful position here through Children’s [Hospital], which is nationally known, especially its pulmonary care. It’s a great organization to work with and I’m thrilled it worked out. We’re close to family and I work with a wonderful group of people.”

Houser said she is particularly fond of the local medical community’s dedication to treating patients close to home.

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“One thing I like about the Springs’ medical community as a whole is its strong interest in providing care for patients locally,” she said. “It was easier taking this position knowing people in the community wanted a pulmonologist to care for patients here.”

Houser said, when away from her patients, she strives to achieve a work-life balance and spend time with her husband and two young sons.

“It’s important for me to make sure I invest time outside of work in my family and other activities,” she said. “Getting outside and hiking, skiing, running — things we really enjoy. I want to be a great pulmonologist at work, but when that switch turns off, I want to be invested in things outside of work as well.”

— Bryan Grossman