Caleb Rice continues to climb the ladder of success at Colorado Springs’ historic, five-star hotel.

In 2008, Rice graduated from Oklahoma State University on a Saturday, moved to Colorado Springs the next day and started his first job at The Broadmoor on Monday.

After working at La Taverne as an assistant restaurant manager for more than six years, Rice was ready to take on a new role and met with Broadmoor President and CEO Jack Damioli to learn about other career opportunities.

Although Rice had no sales experience, Damioli saw Rice’s potential and coordinated an interview with the sales department. That led to his move within the company.

“I wish I would have met with him sooner, because I absolutely love my job now,” said Rice, 30. “It sets you up for success as long as you’re willing to put the work forth to get there.”

Rice began work as an executive meetings manager in 2014, recruiting groups of 40 or fewer to the 5,000-acre resort and organizing their room, dining and activity services.

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Last year, Rice was solely responsible for bringing more than 200 groups to Colorado Springs.

“He was promoted to his current position about 18 months ago and has many more promotions ahead of him,” said Pepper Dombroski, director of sales at The Broadmoor.

Rice served five years on the hotel’s PRIDE Committee, which coordinates employees’ volunteer efforts in the community. He has assisted with events and fundraising for the Marian House, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and Springs Rescue Mission.

“Caleb is a leader who lives by the motto, ‘Don’t ask someone to do something you are not willing to do,’” Dombroski said. “He works any schedule needed to meet with clients and sell our destination.”

Rice prides himself on giving every client the same amount of attention and meeting the needs of each program.

“As a professional, I make it a goal every day to reflect on, ‘Where am I at?’ and ‘Where am I going to achieve where I need to be?’” he said. “I’m proud of myself for taking a leap of faith, an opportunity I had no prior experience in and making a name for myself in a short amount of time.”

­— Amber Baillie