The City of Colorado Springs collected $14.8 million for sales and use tax during December, according to figures released by the city last week. Collections of sales and use taxes combined increased 2.2 percent for the month and 4.6 percent year to date. The largest increase came from the use tax, which increased 15.8 percent for the month.

For the past five years, annual sales and use tax collections have increased. In 2011, the city collected $118.6 million, followed by $126.9 million the following year. The year 2013 brought in $134.1 million in sales and use taxes, and the following year, the city collected $142.1 million. Last year collections totaled $148.7 million for sales and use taxes.

The Lodgers and Auto Rental Tax brought in $239,579 during December. The year closed out with LART bringing in slightly more than $5 million, an increase of 13.3 percent year to date over 2014. That year, the city collected $4.4 million from LART.

The medical marijuana industry showed the largest month-over-month percent increase at 31.1 percent, followed by auto repair and leases at 13.6 percent and clothing at 10.8 percent.