Neumann Systems Group released initial results of sulfur dioxide removal testing on unit 7 of the downtown Drake Power Plant on Friday afternoon.

Dave Neumann, NSG’s CEO and founder, was pleased with the result.

“NeuStream worked even better than expected,” Neumann said. “The very first test of the scrubber showed an ability to remove approximately 98.6 percent of the SO2.”

“The NeuStream scrubber reduced the SO2 in the flue gas to a very small amount” the company said in the press release. “The NeuStream scrubber was significantly better than the airquality standard. The test data was recorded by the EPA’s certified and independently calibrated and maintained detection equipment mounted on the Martin Drake Unit 7 stack. Please note that the new state air quality limits for SO2 for Martin Drake Unit 6 and Unit 7 do not go into effect until the end of 2017. This initial test is being followed by several months of additional system start-up, load testing, parametric testing, performance optimization and full operational testing. Construction also continues on the Martin Drake Unit 6 NeuStream scrubber with first scheduled operation during the summer.”

The first successful operation of the first NeuStream desulfurization system is a result of the work of the dedicated and expert NSG team under the leadership and technical direction of Dr. J.P. Feve, Dr. Eric Klein and Mr. Nick Miller, the press release said.

“Initial testing was conducted by a joint NSG/CSU team,” the press release continued. “During the past year CSU personnel have made significant contributions to bringing the system to the current point. Their contributions are in the areas of operating software development and testing, integration of equipment and software into Martin Drake, construction project management, maintenance of installed equipment and initial checkout and testing of equipment. CSU plant operators are currently being trained to take over full operation of the NeuStream system.”

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