The next president of the United States should submit the nomination for the vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court, according to U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn, the Republican from Colorado Springs.

Last week’s death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has led to speculation over the future of the Clean Power Act. The act seeks to limit pollution from power plants in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas. On Feb. 6, in a four to five vote, the Court stayed the implementation of the act pending judicial review; Scalia died Feb. 13.

If the newly elected president chooses Scalia’s replacement, and “if the initial thought holds [to not implement the act], that act is history,” Lamborn said.

National Association of Counties President and El Paso County Commissioner Sallie Clark asked about how the Clean Water Rule will be affected by the vacancy on the country’s highest court.

Discrepancies over the new rule will eventually go to the Supreme Court, Lamborn said. The rule defines gullies and dry streambeds as having “navigable waters” if water flows there a few days a year, he added.

“It’s been stretched so out of proportion. This is a case of overregulation,” Lamborn said, adding the case will need to wait until the court is complete.

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Lamborn also addressed problems of overspending at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Aurora and lengthy wait times for veterans to see physicians at the Colorado Springs VA hospital.

Private health care providers should be contracted to fill in “when the public can’t handle the demand,” he said. Because changing the VA’s “huge federal bureaucracy, we need a culture change. We need the ability to fire people … there’s so much red tape.”


  1. …” This is a case of overregulation,” Lamborn said, adding the case will need to wait until the court is complete..


    Appoint a new Supreme Court Justice NOW and move on. The country cannot sit for seven months with nothing going on at SCOTUS. This country is absolutely rotting under the influence of self-minded parochial politicians. Stop it, you are nothing but raving juveniles.

  2. Lamborn is probably one of the more un-informed congress persons. He basically has done nothing in the 10 years he’s been in Congress. We taxpayers have paid him over $10M over the 10 year period with little to show for it. Why does the business community and citizens continue to support him? He knows nothing about the TPP and possibly even less about the Clean Air Act. Obviously he has never made an appointment with cilivian doctors when waits are up to 10 weeks to see a specailist. These times are much longer than the VA’s 30 days.

    When he holds a townhall and only 12 people show up that includes 3 of his staff, there is a problem here. No original thoughts and nothing put talking points. We deserve better in a congressman.

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