TechWise receives second air traffic control contract


Defense company TechWise received its first Department of Homeland Security contract to provide air traffic control services to the United States Coast Guard.

“This is our first contract outside the Department of Defense,” said J. Chesney, spokesman for the local defense contractor, “so we’re pretty proud of that.”

It’s the second air-traffic control contract for TechWise, who is acting as a prime contractor for Biggs Army Airfield at Fort Bliss, Texas. They received that contract in 2014 and it will cover the next five years. The contract includes maintenance, controlling air and ground traffic, as well as managing airspace information center to provide flight following services to aircraft flying in the Fort Bliss airspace.

“It’s really part of our strategic plan,” Chesney said. “We have the Fort Bliss contract that we’re prime on, and this latest contract we are subcontractor to the Coast Guard. We’re getting the experience necessary to make this a major part of what we do.”

The Coast Guard contract marks the first time that TechWise has worked with the Department of Homeland Security, Chesney said. With the work performed in Cape Cod, Mass., it’s also the company’s eastern-most U.S. work site. At the Coast Guard site, TechWise will provide air traffic control and weather observation services for the Coast Guard’s site that patrols the waters from New Jersey to the Canadian border.

No information was available about the cost of the new contract, but Chesney indicated that it was worth more than $1 million over the five-year period.

TechWise is a privately owned company headquartered in Colorado Springs and the United Arab Emirates, with locations in Colorado, Washington, California, New Mexico, Georgia, Texas and the Middle East.