If you made money building houses in Colorado Springs in 2015, chances are you had a pretty good year.

Tim Seibert, president of the Housing & Building Association, said 2015 saw the most residential construction permits issued in a decade.

“From a business standpoint, we’re real happy with the final 2015 single-family permit numbers,” Seibert said. “I’m hoping to maintain that into 2016. We’re seeing a positive economic outlook from an industry standpoint.”

In 2015, there were 2,739 single-family construction permits issued and a total of 3,585 residential construction permits. Overall, residential permits increased last year by more than 200 over 2014, and more than 300 over 2013.

Also in 2016, the HBA will continue efforts to promote jobs in construction.

Through its Careers in Construction initiative, the association is teaming with local school districts to create a vocational approach for students not interested in immediately pursuing a college degree.

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Districts 3, 11 and 49 have all shown some level of interest in the program, Seibert said.

“Students learn about construction and see its real-life applications,” he said.

Seibert also said residential growth downtown will be a trend to watch in 2016.

“The Blue Dot Place and and Griffis/Blessing’s project at Wahsatch and Colorado [avenues] are very exciting projects and should enliven the city’s core,” he said. “More housing opportunities across the city creates a wider market for different lifestyles. Having apartments and attached dwellings in urban areas is an exciting development for the Springs.”