Drafts of the city’s infill action plan are available for public comment at the city’s website.

The new chapter of the city’s comprehensive plan provides direction, priorities and emphasis for infill and redevelopment in Colorado Springs, said the press release announcing that the new chapter is ready for public review.

Created by the City Infill Steering Committee, the new plan is the result of more than 15 months of work. Several of the committee’s recommended strategies are already being implemented. The group heard from a wide variety of infill experts and stakeholders throughout the process.

The goal, said City Councilor Jill Gaebler, who served as chairwoman for the infill committee is to focus on the mature areas of the city — and to provide priorities for revitalization and reinvestment.

“The City has already made progress on several of the recommendations included in the Action Plan and we are poised to move forward with others. As part of the review and adoption process for these documents we welcome public input including suggestions for making them better,”  said Planning and Community Development Director Peter Wysocki in the press release.

A formal recommendation on these documents is anticipated to be made by the Planning Commission at its January 21 meeting, followed by action by City Council in February to recommend adoption of the chapter.

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