Hotel rooms in Colorado Springs were half occupied during November, or 50.9 percent, according to the Rocky Mountain Lodging Report released Thursday by the Colorado Hotel and Lodging Association.

Comparatively, Denver saw a 66.9 percent occupancy rate during the same time.

Of the smaller cities in Colorado, only Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley’s occupancy figures surpassed those in Colorado Springs. Those cities’ saw 55.2 percent, 60.8 percent and 57.7 percent occupancy, respectively.

Conversely, Colorado’s ski towns saw their occupancy rates range from 34.7 percent at the highest to 20.7 percent at the lowest rate.

In Denver, the average daily rental was $127.83, compared with $90.05 in Colorado Springs, $164.34 for ski resorts and $81.51 for other cities in the state.

Statewide, 55.7 percent of the 1.58 million room-nights available were occupied in November at an average daily rate of $123.34.

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All three measures were higher than last year ‘s room numbers. Year to date, occupancy percentage statewide changed from 69.6 percent last year to 70.4 percent this year, and the average daily rate increased from $134.23 to $143.95 this year.