Chris Clark is looking for company.

The co-founder of fusesport, a Colorado Springs-based software solution company that caters to major sports events and federations, is making use of extra space at the company’s downtown headquarters on Pikes Peak Avenue.

Last month, Clark launched fusespace, a co-working enterprise meant to attract entrepreneurs in the health, wellness and fitness industries.

Clark, who moved from Australia to Colorado Springs with his brother Andrew two years ago, said fusespace was partly inspired by their own struggles while launching the startup.

“I saw how much benefit can be provided to a group or company when they are connected to the right people and given a head start engaging partners and groups,” Clark said. “We hope to establish a sense of community and those key partnerships.”

The lease for fusespace is $330 each month and there are no long-term obligations, Clark said, adding he anticipates housing five to eight companies with one to three employees apiece. He expects to fill all the available leases within the next several months.

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In addition to facilitating collaboration among like-minded industries, Clark said fusespace will also provide a physical location where health, wellness and fitness industry events, forums and workshops can take place, with the goal of helping drive the regional sports economy. Clark pointed to the success of a recent out-of-state fusesport project as an example of the industry’s potential.

“The World Police and Fire Games is an event we ran in Fairfax, Va., that had an economic impact of $80 million with more that 12,000 athletes,” he said.

Mixing it up

Ken Jaray is an attorney and community investor who also provides general counsel for fusesport. He said the co-working space fits with the regional emphasis on sports, health and wellness.

“Colorado Springs is one of the international centers for sports and fitness organizations. Fusespace will provide an opportunity for emerging companies who share a passion for improving global health through sport to collaborate, share space and make an impact on this growing segment of our economy,” Jaray said.

“Colorado Springs is well positioned for future growth in the sport and fitness industry.”
– Ken Jaray

“There appears to be a consensus that Colorado Springs is well-positioned for future growth in the sport and fitness industry. Through the creation of industry-specific co-working space, fusespace can help organizations connect and become thought leaders in this international market.”

Clark said fusespace welcomes both startups and established businesses.

“I think it will be a mix of both,” he said. “We don’t have a preference. The main thing is that the business addresses health, wellness and fitness. We’re certainly motivated to help early stage businesses get going, but more established businesses are important too. They help bring networks and contacts and experience that can benefit the entire [fusespace] community.”

Synergy, not segmentation

Alec Gardner, 22, is owner of Vitality Marketing, a business he started six months ago. Vitality Marketing creates digital presences for “green” health and wellness companies. Gardner joined multiple networking groups in Colorado Springs after graduating from West Texas A&M last year, and that’s where he met Jaray. Once Gardner learned about fusespace, he quickly committed to filling an opening.

“It’s an awesome idea and I think it’s a really great space. … There are a lot of health and wellness companies in different fields — nutrition or fitness or environmental — but they don’t really talk to each other a lot. … They’re segmented. But here people can interact with each other across those industries. … And they can work together to find awesome partnerships they may not have had. That’s the strongest aspect of this. The community will get stronger with every person we add.”

The in-person collaboration was a selling point for Gardner.

“If there’s a good partnership, there’s no need for lengthy phone calls or emails about how I want to work with you. I just turn around and do it in person. … There may not be partnerships with everybody here, but there could be some synergy.”

Gardner said the space should facilitate his company’s growth and expedite his ability to hire.

“I’d like to bring in college students, not just as interns, but as partners in this business,” he said. “I know, having just graduated, that it’s incredibly hard to find a job in marketing in the Colorado Springs area. It’s ridiculous how many jobs need 10 years’ experience in this industry.”

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