The Colorado Springs City Council confirmed 13 people to serve on the Medical Marijuana Task Force, a group created to address zoning concerns for medical marijuana facilities, including sales dispensaries and commercial grow sites.

The council placed a six-month moratorium on any new medical marijuana facilities earlier this month, citing citizen concerns about the smell of marijuana grows and having dispensaries located in neighborhoods.

Councilor Larry Bagley will serve as task force chairman, and other members include people from Colorado Springs Utilities, the Council of Neighbors and Organizations, Realtors, attorneys and medical marijuana dispensary owners.

On the task force:

  • Brian Anderson, energy distribution manager, Colorado Springs Utilities
  • Jan Doran, chairwoman of the El Paso County Citizen Outreach Group and director emeritus of the Council of Neighbors and Organizations
  • John Harding, John Harding & Co., Re/Max Real Estate Group
  • Dale Hecht, Green Pharm owner
  • Charles Houghton, attorney
  • Sarah Johnson, city clerk
  • Brett Lacey, fire marshal
  • Sean Mandel, Colorado Springs Police Department, commander, Metro, Vice & Narcotics Division
  • Wynetta Massey, city attorney
  • Tom Schudder, owner of A Wellness Center
  • Bret Waters, deputy chief of staff
  • Peter Wysocki, planning director
  • Lynette Crow Iverson, president and CEO of Conspire! and member of Colorado Springs Forward


“The focus of the task force will be the Medical Marijuana Business Licensing Model and the Primary-Caregiver Model, to include land use/zoning, enforcement, dispensaries and home and commercial grow operations,” said Councilor Larry Bagley.

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The task force’s main responsibilities will be to review and create new laws and regulations for marijuana businesses, covering location, licensing, fees, advertising and other “time, place, manner and number regulations.”

The final report is due to City Council by March 21.


  1. Stacked Panel: 10 to 4. Looks like an effort to ‘regulate’ medical marijuana out of local existence by making regulations so stringent no one will want to engage in the business in Colorado Springs.

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