The Sierra Nevada Corp. subsidiary, Sierra Completions, is set to begin work in a new SNC hangar at the Colorado Springs Airport. The 31,000-square-foot hangar will serve as a modification center for VIP interior completions of aircraft by Sierra Completions, the company reported in a news release Monday afternoon.

The hangar will be adjacent to where additional Sierra Completions facilities will be built.

Stationed in the southwest region of the airport, the hangar is located in an area known as the Colorado Aerospace Park.

“This is the first step in establishing a presence for Sierra Completions at the Colorado Springs Airport and provides us with a facility to launch the business,” said Ed Topps, vice president of programs for Sierra Completions. “We are in active discussions with a number of customers already.” 

When fully operational, it is expected the facility will add approximately 150 jobs in the Colorado Springs area.


  1. I have no idea what the CSBJ sources are for this article, but they obviously have a limited knowledge and understanding of what’s happening in their own back yard. The picture they included (TRJ628 Aircraft) has nothing to do with the Sierra Completikns project in Colorado Sprongs where they will be doing VIP aircraft completions.

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