The Martin Drake Power Plant.

After more than a year of data collection, forecasts and public input, Colorado Springs Utilities will present the Electric Integrated Resource Plan to the CSU Board of Directors Oct. 21. at their meeting at 1 p.m. in the CSU conference room in Plaza of the Rockies.

After working through several options with the electric plan advisory group and the public, CSU officials will present a portfolio that includes running Drake unit five on natural gas as a primary peaking unit starting in 2018, with 10 percent demand-side management and 20 percent renewable resources by 2020. DSM and renewable goals include cost caps. The advisory action group also providing additional options to mothball or decommission Drake’s unit five.

The portfolio chosen is “a diverse, low-cost energy portfolio that meets customer preference for additional demand-side management and renewable energy,” said EIRP project manager Katie Hardman. “It was low development risk, and can transition well under the Clean Power Plan.”

The group’s most popular plans considered included lower renewable energy requirements in one plan and decommissioning Drake Power Plant in another.

Saying that the portfolio chosen “may not be everyone’s top choice,” Gail Conners, public process lead for the EIRP, said that the goal was the reach a point of consent.
“Consent doesn’t mean you fully agree, but whether you can work toward the aim or intent of a decision,” she said. “The CAG had a very rigorous discussion on all the portfolios, and I believe they articulated community and business values very well.”

Details on the top profits and consideration for each option regarding the Drake Unit Five will be presented at the board meeting Oct. 21.

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