Every year, the Better Business Bureau takes an evening to celebrate the businesses that are best at customer service.

After months of work and deliberation, four companies took home honors last week from the gala: Navakai, Old World Roofing, Peak Structural and Colorado Springs Utilities.

In thanking the BBB evaluators, Old World Roofing President Rolf Whitley also thanked his staff and Mandi [Shaffer, executive assistant] who “worked countless hours on this. Mandi is incredible. My wife gets tired of me talking about her.”

Others said pursuit of great customer service was a major goal of the company.

“It’s really a great honor,” said Peak Structural Founder and President Paul Sutton, who said his team is “in passionate pursuit of [customer] service as a value and as a goal. We feel strongly that serving our community, prospering our teammates, our employees, as well as the greater community that we serve, that’s what we’re passionate about. That’s what we love. We find joy and purpose in that.”

Peak Structural assesses and repairs structural damage to foundations, basement walls and floors, sinking driveways, bowing walls and more. It serves southern Colorado including the San Luis Valley, and the Denver Metro area.

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Navakai Service Desk Manager Brian Olson said the award “wouldn’t have happened without the two leaders of our organization. They sort-of set the course … we are a customer service organization that just happens to do information technology.”

The founders are Davin Neubacher and Shawn Morland, who created the company in October 2001. Navakai now serves 400 area companies and boasts a 98 percent retention rate. And for Colorado Springs Utilities staffers, the award was evidence of their dedication.

“I can’t tell you how much passion there is in the organization by serving you, our community, our customers,” said Kathleen Solano, Utilities manager of customer revenue and services.

“We come to work every day to provide that excellent level of service to you for what we consider our core services — electric, water, gas and wastewater. Thank you, we will treasure this and continue to strive for excellence.”

Receiving the honor isn’t a “grueling process,” said Jonathan Liebert, executive director of the BBB, adding that all “the companies nominated “have a passion for customer service.”

Companies must first submit an application, due in May. From there, a third-party team of evaluators research each company’s customer service practices and policies, as well as their transparency as an organization.

“They really work from May through September, so we don’t have winners until about two weeks before the event,” said Jeff Markle, director of marketing and events at the BBB.

After the awards gala, each business that is nominated for the award receives feedback from the evaluators to highlight the company’s successful customer service practices and areas for improvement.

The evening ended with a call for support. Liebert said the BBB of Southern Colorado is seeking volunteers to help deal with the 100,000 inquiries it receives each month.

“The BBB story is a very, very compelling one, and one that I will be pushing for at a local level,” he said.

His job is to promote the accredited businesses to the general public, “so people know who they should be buying from” and for those local businesses that “are having some issues and make sure customers are aware of what is going on.”

The BBB will soon partner with Google on a national scale, Liebert said.

Businesses should use the BBB logo on their websites, he added, because Google recognizes the logo as a trusted brand and promotes BBB-accredited businesses during its searches.