Success is Perez’s first language as leader


Motivational speaker and self-described results coach, Anthony Perez believes in helping people create value — and founded both his business and his community engagement on that standard.

“The best way for someone to create value in themselves is by creating value in others first,” he said.

The 43-year-old puts his principle into action as a supporter of the NAACP, the Black Latino Coalition, the United Way Cradle to Career initiative and as president of the Concilio Hispano de Empreseas de Colorado Springs, or the Hispanic Business Council of Colorado Springs. The group is a nonprofit that supports Latino business leaders. Recently, Perez took time to discuss his business philosophy with the CSBJ.

Where did the concept for your business come from?

My company is Success is a Language. After eight years in the Navy and 12 years as a financial adviser, I created the business while living in Chicago in 2008. My main focus is to help people and organizations identify their language of success and create the right cultures for them to be more successful. I teach these core elements: emotional intelligence; performance character; living in alignment in your personal and professional life; leadership and influence; transformational leadership, how to developing trusting relationships within the organization; servant leadership; and team-building and mindset development, which means to develop the right mindset and language to create and keep a positive work culture.

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is truly the foundation of all leadership, because an increased EI helps improve your relationships. All the success you and I have had, and will have, depends on our ability to make great relationships. Increasing your self-awareness and self-management leads to improved social awareness. The more you understand how you tick, the better you connect with others and the more they feel valued by you. That leads to trust and influence.

How did you come up with the name, “Success is a Language”?

The “success is a language” is a phrase I used to use when I was a financial adviser when training my sales team. It referred to someone who had the right understanding and mindset of what success is and how to achieve it. People can connect with others through their heightened awareness and curiosity to serve and offer value to others.

How does your business help other businesses? 

I help organizations create the right culture and mindset to help them have positive results, individually and within the organization. I help leaders shape inspiring messages that they want their employees or volunteers to hear, and then I teach them how to create the language and mindset they need to improve morale. I help people become better in their personal and professional lives.

What are your greatest challenges?

Being patient. Sometimes I see things before others do, and I have to be patient and wait for them to buy-in. I’m perhaps too direct. My intent is always to help our community and business people improve. Sometimes, direct questions have to be asked, and they’re not always welcomed.

How do you overcome the challenges? 

I always look for the life lesson in every experience I have. I believe we need to be in alignment in our personal and professional lives with our values and beliefs. Many of the lessons I teach professionally, I teach to my son as a father. Conversely, many of my family experiences, I incorporate into my teaching. I strive to live in alignment, and I fall short every day. But I strive for perfection, so I can achieve greatness.

You’re giving a TED Talk later this month here. Tell us about it.

It’s a wonderful opportunity. The theme of the event is “the future of the future.” My talk is the future of the future in servant leadership. It speaks to how as a society we need to get back to valuing the human element (us) and reflect on how we view and treat each other. For our society to move forward, we need to take a few steps back and relearn how to interact with each other and live a balanced life, between 21st century technology and the old-school way of relationship-building.

What is the Hispanic Business Council?

The vision … was to offer ​a voice to Hispanic business owners. We’re offering training courses to help people become more knowledgeable in how they run their business, seek capital and expand their business regionally. The courses are through the Small Business Development Center, so folks can take advantage of potential business through federal and state contracts. The courses will help business owners not just understand the bid process, but become certified as minority-owned businesses. We have a launch date of January 2016, and our first training class in the first quarter of 2016.