A peek at the Pikes Peak Summit House


Here’s an advance peek at four design concepts for the new Pikes Peak Summit House. They’ll be formally unveiled this afternoon  (Wednesday) at a public meeting, to be held at the Garden of the Gods Trading Post, starting at 4:30.

The images are courtesy of the architects, RTA/GWWO. It’s important to note that these are “early conceptual images illustrating potential building shapes and site locations and do not indicate materials or other details”. As RTA architect Stuart Coppedge said during a presentation Tuesday afternoon, “Ignore all the white surfaces. If you like Pikes Peak granite, or CorTen steel or anything else, tell us.”

All four iterations appear to share one basic design concept; they all take advantage of he spectacular views afforded by Pikes Peak. Visitors will find their summit experience enhanced and magnified by any of the new buildings, not diminished. The proposed structures are differently sited- one on the southeast edge of the summit plain and three on the north or northeast edge.


  1. Steve Holben

    Why does it need to be so tall. Visitors are already over 14,000ft. Let the mountain dominate and allow visitors to enjoy the view from its surface. and build something shorter and less commanding that doesnt’ detract from being on top of Pikes Peak.

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