With 3,850 employees at 150 locations across 42 states, Terracon Consultants Inc. is anything but a small business — but you wouldn’t know that by the way it treats its employees.

The 100 percent employee-owned company was founded in 1965 in Olathe, Kan. It opened its office in Colorado Springs (4172 Center Park Drive) more than 20 years ago and currently employs 20 people in the region.

Nationally, Terracon has been successful in multiple disciplines for both private and public clients, including consulting services related to facilities and materials. The firm also provides its services on thousands of environmental site assessment and geotechnical evaluation projects each year.

“Terracon’s growth is due to dedicated employees who are responsive to clients, provide quality services, and take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace,” according to the company’s website. “By combining our national resources with specific local area expertise, we consistently overcome obstacles and deliver the results our clients expect. … By being responsive, resourceful, and reliable, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations for service, solutions, quality, and speed of delivery. Based on a deep understanding of our clients needs, Terracon’s commitment is centered around these key objectives.”

Focusing on five primary sectors — government, retail, industrial, institutional and energy — the company’s recent projects have included work at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas, the Salt Lake City Airport, Interstate-35 in Dallas and the Bullitt Center in Seattle.

One of the ways the company helps its employees is by offering extensive health benefits, including full coverage for dental, vision and disability, life insurance and paid time off.

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“Our goal is to provide all employees with tools and resources so they can live healthy and thriving lives,” said Cherie Raygoza, well-being specialist for Terracon in Kansas City, Mo. “Included in that initiative are program offerings such as weight-loss challenges, walking challenges, activity-based incentive programs, and our LiveWell Total Reward Steps.”

Raygoza said the Total Reward Steps are a cornerstone for the company’s promotion of healthy living. It is based on three steps. First, the employee undergoes a well-being profile to assess his or her placement in five domains — physical, career, financial, social and community. Next, the employee is recommended steps to correct inadequacies or build on strengths. After that process is completed, the employee undergoes another biometric test to determine changes in well-being, which could make him or her eligible for a discount on insurance premiums.

“Our goal is to reach 65 percent participation in our LiveWell Total Reward Steps,” Raygoza said. “By achieving this goal, our medical plan provider has guaranteed they can move 20 percent of our high- and medium-risk population into lower-risk categories.”

She said the program is just another part of the health-minded framework of the company, which strives to inspire a sense of balance and well-roundedness in its employees. The company also offers intervention programs related to weight loss, nutrition, stress management and tobacco cessation, as well as family counseling and mental health services.

“At Terracon we look at wellness in a holistic view and believe it is our responsibility to not only care about our employees’ physical well-being, but also their financial, career, social and community well-being. It is our vision to provide resources and tools to employees in all of these domains to help them thrive.”

She added that she, and Terracon as a whole, is excited to continue such programs that improve the lives of its employees and those around them.

“Our vision for the next five years is to build a program that is so robust, all employees can relate to it and find things that not only interest them but help them live happier, healthier lives,” she said.

Terracon has won numerous awards and other recognitions both for its success as well as its consciousness of health and the environment. In August, the company ranked No. 61 on Engineering News-Record’s top 200 environmental firms of 2015 and No. 71 on the publication’s top 150 global design firms. Earlier this year, the Engineering News-Record also ranked Terracon No. 35 among the 500 top design firms in the world.

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