Imagine French toast stuffed with cream cheese and topped with maple syrup and whipped cream. Maybe add a drizzle of caramel, just for kicks. How about the strawberry cheesecake pancakes, made with New York-style cheesecake chunks, a strawberry compote and more whipped cream?

Or perhaps you’d prefer the dense buttermilk biscuits and sage sausage gravy? With dishes like these served at Over Easy, one of several eateries in the Rocky Mountain Restaurant Group family, one could see how it may be difficult to reject temptation and stay in shape.

The company has been named this year’s 6035 Lifestyle Healthiest Company for a medium-sized business. And thankfully, for employees at those restaurants, owners Randy and Liz Price have their back.

Randy Price is the president of the Rocky Mountain Restaurant Group, which includes Over Easy: A Daytime Eatery; Sonterra Innovative Southwest Grill; and Salsa Brava Fresh Mexican Grill. The Prices have been instrumental in creating a healthy culture. Randy said physical health is important, but he also said it is only one spoke that helps make up a much bigger wheel.

“When we do employee reviews … there’s a physical health component, but also a financial component, a spiritual, mental and economic component. All those things are spokes in the wheel. When we’re paying attention to all of them, things run smoother than when one gets out of balance,” Randy Price said.

To address issues of physical well-being, Liz has helped create and initiate a wellness plan and ensures that information is available to all employees.

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At the Rocky Mountain Restaurant Group, all salaried employees receive medical and dental insurance and the company is partnering with Colorado Springs Health Partners to develop and expand its wellness program, which began in January 2014. The program started with biometric screenings and wellness surveys to obtain aggregate baseline information, with a plan to follow up after one year of participation.

The company is promoting its Wellness Challenge, giving participants points for tracking food intake, physical activity, trying new physical challenges and wearing seat belts. Management is also working to involve all part- and full-time employees in wellness education and healthy lifestyle choices.

Randy said points earned for living a healthy lifestyle can be used for everything from dinner and a movie to wellness retreats.

Randy, who enjoys swimming, running and biking, said working in the restaurant industry creates unique challenges to staying healthy.

“It’s a different industry,” he said. “It’s a restaurant. We serve lots of food and alcohol. It’s different from working for a health care company or a bike company. We almost have to work that much harder to get our point across. This culture’s product is food and drinks, and when that’s around all the time, you have to take time for your own health. It’s easy to get caught up in the wake.”

Randy added that simply doing good things in the community can vastly improve one’s outlook and well-being.

“We’ve been proponents of sourcing products locally and doing right by the community,” he said. “That’s a component of healthy decisions. We encourage our people to get out and get involved in community projects and efforts.”

Randy Price also said a fit workforce is a crucial component of running successful businesses.

“Ultimately it’s very important,” he said. “You have to be on-point, sharp and clear. And employees are ambassadors for our brand. Physical health is a key component to a healthier mental state.”

Randy Price said his philosophy on creating a healthy workforce is simple.

“We try to be positive and encourage people to do the right thing and make the right decisions,” he said. “And when they do, we try to recognize that.”

Becki Schneider, former corporate administrator with the Restaurant Group, said, “Randy Price is inspirational to all employees for truly walking the walk.” Schneider nominated the Prices for the 6035 Lifestyle recognition.

“He and his family participate in almost any physical activity, including running, swimming, skiing, yoga, biking and hiking,” she said. “Randy is frequently seen carrying his bowl of fresh veggies. He encourages everyone to challenge themselves physically and mentally.”

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