Developers of a regional workforce skills survey say they’d like to have enough responses to begin analysis within the next few weeks.

Pikes Peak Community College, the Pikes Peak Workforce Center and UCCS have developed and launched a targeted survey of El Paso and Teller county employers regarding current and future workforce and the skills gaps found when recruiting new workers.

The resulting Skills Report 2018 study will provide the Pikes Peak region with up-to-date information about employment trends and employee training needs in the region’s targeted industry sectors, including advanced manufacturing, aerospace and defense, bioscience, electronics, energy and natural resources, financial services, health and wellness, and technology and information.

To help analyze results, select employers will be invited to focus groups to review the results and clarify workforce development issues. The resulting analysis and report will give companies the opportunity for input to develop tomorrow’s workforce based on their unique workers and education needed to meet growth projections, changes in employment demographic and technology needs of area companies.

Those who choose to participate in the survey will help gather vital workforce data on the region.

“Ultimately this is all about helping us understand the current workforce needs so we can invest in programs that support the community’s changing needs,” according to Allison Cortez, executive director of marketing and communication at Pikes Peak Community College.

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“It’s critically important to the community from an economic development point of view,” said Tom Binnings, senior partner with Summit Economics, regarding the potential data. “We’re competing globally and the No. 1 aspect that helps firms determine where to grow or relocate is having a workforce that will meet their needs at a lower cost. Firms don’t want to spend a lot of money training and getting the workforce the skill sets that meet their needs.”

More than 1,000 surveys were deployed, Binnings said, adding no more surveys are being distributed, but 130 are needed to be statistically significant. He said approximately 110 have been submitted and, the more surveys received “the merrier.”

The Workforce Center is still seeking input for the survey. Click here to fill it out online.