Petrogen Inc. created a new shift in steel cutting with its liquid fuel cutting torch systems, according to a news release sent this week. According to the Colorado Springs-based company, the technology provides “a safer and far less expensive alternative to traditional cutting gases such as acetylene and propane that have been the industry standard for over 100 years.”

The new “multi-fuel” system unlocks the power of liquid fuels such as regular diesel, kerosene, gasoline and bio-fuels for cutting steel.

“Our technology works with today’s fuels and is ready for the green fuels of tomorrow.” says Petrogen President Linda Heft.

Petrogen claims that its cutting systems are safer than those that use compressed gases because liquid fuels are more stable and Petrogen fuel tanks can be stored and transported unpressurized. They also claim performance is greatly improved because liquid fuels such as regular gasoline produce a more oxidizing flame that leaves a cleaner cut with less molten slag. Petrogen said the fuel savings are greater than 85 percent.

Petrogen technology is UL-listed and has been deemed suitable for use in all mines, including underground coal mines, by MSHA.  The cutting system is recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy and used extensively by the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency.  Petrogen torches are currently at work in a wide variety of industries including fire/rescue, nuclear dismantlement, construction and scrapping. Now the company hopes to expand interest in their cutting tools to the shop and enthusiast markets with smaller, more economical units.

Founded in 1973, Petrogen manufactures its liquid fuel cutting torches in the United States. Product descriptions are available on the Petrogen website,

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