Colorado has joined a multi-state legal challenge to the Clean Power Plan, issued earlier this month by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Attorney General Cynthia Coffman made the announcement last week, calling the new rule “an unprecedented attempt to expand federal government,” in a press release announcing the decision.

“The rule is an unprecedented attempt to expand the federal government’s regulatory control over the states’ energy economy,” she said. “The EPA appears unwilling to accept limits set by Congress in the Clean Air Act and instead is pushing its agenda forward through regulatory rewrites that overreach its legal authority.”

The Clean Power Plan establishes carbon dioxide emission performance rates for fossil-fuel fired electric utility steam generating units and state-specific goals for emission performance rates, as well as guidelines for the development and implementation of state plans that establish emission standards.

The case will be filed in the United States Court of Appeals in the District of Columbia when the federal government formally publishes the rule in the Federal Register. The federal government has not stated when that publication will occur.

“There are immensely important legal questions at issue regarding the EPA’s sweeping new regulation. The face of Colorado’s economy could be forever changed and that will be reflected in lost jobs, higher utility rates, and an altered energy industry,” Coffman said. “Before untold sums of public and private monies are spent on compliance with the Clean Power Plan, we need to settle the matter of whether it is even legal.”

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  1. I would think there are other battles to fight other than this one. This Clean Air Act is for the future. We still burn coal. How many days of sun do we have in Colorado? Are we in the perfect spot for Solar Power? Would we be special for becoming an independent city off the grid?
    That’s right, I forgot, we love being a big hick town.
    Everybody is just stoned.
    Happy, Happy, Happy….life is good.
    Spend my tax dollars on fights worth fighting. I am not stoned. I am not happy with our
    local government. I have been a homeowner here for over 20years. We let hundreds our city trees die by not watering them. We take the trash cans out of the parks. Memorial Park is still dangerous for the “gala” events because we do not install any lighting. We drain the “pond” and let all the trees choke for water. Our roads are a nightmare. Our teachers have to bring supplies because we cannot afford to operate our schools. Fountain Creek is a polluted eye sore. Our homeless people will always be homeless because they cannot even own a tent, they have to hide away, out of sight. Our soldiers are returning home with injuries that will never heal. Our neighbors are hiding horses in their barns and letting them starve to death, and no even notices until 14 are dead. I would think the stench would create interest. The owner gets 60days in jail and wants the remaining horses back. Hey attorney general….how about that fight?
    Lets just keep pretending all is good in Colorado springs, spend our money on lawsuits that do not even matter, and everybody just stay stoned!

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